My Story

Toddler playing with toy cars (My son Arbel)
My son Arbel (2016)

Hi. My name is Rotem. I’ve always loved cars and driving, and I’ve always been fascinated by trains, ships, planes and everything in between…

As a kid, I loved playing with matchbox cars (who didn’t?). As a teenager, I collected pictures and posters of supercars and aircraft. As an adult, I dabbled in low-budget motor racing. I also got into sim racing and built myself a nice driving simulator at home…

I think you get the idea.

I started TransporToys in 2015 as a place to share this passion and have some fun with anything related to toy vehicles. Back then we worked with toy suppliers, aiming to offer just a handful of high-quality vehicle toys.

(Our first product was the Happy Fleet – a set of bubbly plastic toy cars for toddlers that you can see my son Arbel, at age 4, playing with in the picture above).

These days we tend not to deal with “supply chain”, but rather review, recommend, and refer to other top websites in the field.

Family Selfie
Car selfie with my wife and our sons (2016) (I really should update this…)