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Finally... New Package Designs and Mini Happy Fleet Have Arrived

We've just got a nice package from China. It took long enough, but it's finally here...

What's in the package?

- Two Happy Fleet sets with new package design

- Two "mini" Happy Fleet sets - the new version (4 vehicles). This is simply a smaller version of the Happy Fleet, that includes the trucks from the larger version (minus the car, van and helicopter).Β 

Of course, this one already came with the new package design.Β 

- A complimentary sample of a product that the manufacturer wanted me to check out (I'll tell you about it some other time.)

Why did we need new design and what are the changes?

Good questions...

Well, you may have noticed a funny thing about products that are imported from China. They tend to be covered with weird slogans, unclear claims and instructions or simply bad English. Sometimes it's a bit amusing. Sometimes it's simply ridiculous.

Anyway, In the case of our Happy Fleet Fun set boxes, it was silly slogans and bad English. There were two very clear lines on the front of the box:

"Give your baby's first gift" which we replaced withΒ 
"Free Wheel Plastic Toy Cars for Toddlers"
"MAKE IT JUST RIGHT FOR YOU BABY" which we replaced with
"7 Super Smiley Vehicles" (or "4" in the mini version)

There were a few other small things to change, and besides, it was about time we brand it to our company - add our logo, slogan, website link etc. (Up until now all we had was our logo on the "bar-code" sticker.

So now we have all of these and more. We've even added a QR code- scanning it takes you right to our website. I like this feature.

Β Well I guess that's it for now.

If you are one of the few who read this far, maybe you can tell me what made you so interested... Also, maybe you can answer this: Β What do you think should be our next product? Thanks.

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